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Capsicum Oleoresin
capsicum oleoresin
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capsicum oleoresin

Englisch Name: Capsicum oleoresin
Synonyma:Capsicum oleoresin; Capsicin;Oleoresin capsicum;Resins, capsicum;Capricum oleoresin, oil soluble;Capsicum extract (Capsicum spp.);Cayenne (Capsicum annuum L. var. longum Sendt);Oleoresin capsicum africanus;
CAS No.:8023-77-6
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Capsicum oleoresin is food additive concentrate with chilli taste, extracted and made from natural chilli with purely physical method. Its outer appearance is orange-red liquid. It is stable in quality and high chilli to taste, safe and convenience in use. Thus it is extensively used on chilli taste food or condiment. It may also be either food material or condiment for the use of restaurant, hotel, refectory and house dinning room. It is available for Guangdong and Sichuan dishes especially. Its effective composition is capsansin and its molecular, formula weight and molecular structure is as follows:
capsansin and its molecular, formula weight and molecular structure

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